TANROADS awards US$209.8 million of BRT contracts to Chinese firms

July 21st, 2023

Tanzania Roads Agency (TANROADS) has awarded three contracts related to the fourth phase of construction of the Dar es Salaam Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) infrastructure.

China Geo-Engineering Corporation has been awarded the Package A: Lot 1: Road Works (13.5 Km) from Maktaba ya Taifa to Mwenge/Ubungo including one bridge. The signed contact price is Tsh174,380,157,323 (US$71.3 million).

Shandong Luqiao Group Company has been awarded the Package A: Lot 2: Road Works (15.63 Km) from Mwenge to Tegeta (Dawasa) including four bridges and three terminals. The signed contract price is Tsh193,855,936,443 (US$79.3 million).

China Communications Construction has been awarded Package B: Lot 3: Building Works - Mbuyuni Depot, Simu 2000 Depot and Kivukoni Terminal. The signed contract price is Tsh60,984,151,987 (US$24.9 million).

The contact period for each lot is 18 months.

A further contract related to the BRT has been awarded to Sichuan Road And Bridge Group for the Road Safety Strengthening along BRT Phase 1 Corridor, Package A: Widening of Ubungo-Kimara Road section and Ancillary Works along Morogoro and Kawawa Roads. The signed contract price is Tsh83,894,252,698 (US$34.3 million). The contact period is 18 months.

Photo: Dreamstime