Somalia invites Expressions of Interest for Geohydrological / Geophysical survey and related studies

January 26th, 2021
Somalia has advertised an invitation for Consultancy firms to submit Expressions of Interest for carrying out hydrogeological /geophysical survey and related studies for prospecting on identification of sites for drilling 7 new boreholes, under a programme executed by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and implemented by Save the Children International.

According to the Notice posted on the African Development Bank website, the scope of work includes:

(1) Assessment of groundwater situation & identify geophysical strategy: To compile and analyze all the available hydrogeological, geological, climatic, meteorological and hydrological data of the area and its environs in order to:

  • Assess the groundwater potential of the project area by identifying the target aquifer(s), their types (porous, fractured or karstic) and spatial distribution
  • Assess the groundwater potential by establishing a water balance for the area to present a conceptual hydrogeological model of the investigation area
  • Assess geomorphological features relevant to groundwater dynamic process (e.g., drainage patterns, vegetation cover variations).

(2) Geophysical investigation & selection of drilling sites: To carry out the geophysical investigation according to the investigation strategy and interpret the results; to select the most suitable borehole drilling sites in the project area, considering the legal framework and the requirements of the Ministry of Water Development in Somaliland; to analyze the findings of the investigations, and make sound recommendations on the most suitable sites for boreholes drilling, drilling depths, as well.

(3) Production of geohydrological and geophysical investigation findings: Designs, Bill of Quantities, technical specifications, data sets, etc.

(4) Supervision of drilling works: To supervise the drilling works and ensuring that the boreholes are drilled and completed according to stipulated technical specifications and sound professional standards.

The duration to carry out the geohydrological and geophysical survey is two months and the services of supervision will be provided intermittently in the course of drilling process of the seven (7) boreholes.

Interested consultants may obtain further information at

Closing date for submission of Expressions of Interest is 10 February 2021. For further information, click here.