Rwanda invites Expressions of Interest for Mvumba Water Resources Program

March 22nd, 2021
Rwanda has advertised an invitation for interested bidders and consultants to submit expressions of interest for the Mvumba Water Resources Development Program (Phase 1).

The  project  will  be  jointly  financed  by the African Development Bank and the Government of Rwanda.

The Rwanda Water Resources Board, RWB is the Executing  Agency.  

According to the Notice posted on the African Development Bank website, the objectives of the Mvumba Water Resources Development Program are to:

  1. Supply water for Domestic and industrial use to: The residents of Karangazi, Rwimiyaga and Nyagatare Sectors of Nyagatare District where the water demand is high;
  2. Supply water for irrigation: The estimated gross command area for this project is 10000ha with 7380ha net  command area, which will be used to grow: Maize, Soyabean, rice, vegetables and fruit trees in Tabagwe,   Karama, Gatunda, Rukomo, Nyagatare, Rwempasha, Rwimiyaga and Musheri of Nyagatare District;
  3. Flood control: The dam project will help to control flooding at downstream of Muvumba river because the excess water will be stored in the reservoir;
  4. Hydro-electric power with production of annual energy of 5719 Mwh with installation capacity of 740 KW (370x2).

The project includes the following components:

  • Component  1:  Dam Construction, comprising design review and supervision of dam construction, construction of  Muvumba Dam including hydropower, and recruitment of International Dam Panel of Experts (IDPE).
  • Component 2: Preparatory Studies for follow up phase, comprising detailed design and environmental and social impact assessment for irrigation schemes and livestock water use.
  • Component  3:  Catchment / Watershed Management,  comprising catchment  protection / rehabilitation (afforestation, progressive terracing, management of gully flash floods etc.) and capacity development interventions for communities and district officials.
  • Component 4: Project Management and Coordination, including recruitment of staff to the Special Project Implementation Unit (SPIU) and supply of goods.

Procurement will  be  conducted  in line with the African Development Bank’s Procurement Policy for Bank Group Funded Operations, dated October 2015. 

Interested bidders and consultants may obtain further information, and confirm their interest, by contacting:

Prime Ngabonziza
Rwanda Water Resources Board (RWB)
Nyarugenge Pension Plaza
P.O. Box 6213, Kigali, Rwanda
Phone: +250-788-303-075
Email:, and copy to

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