Nigeria invites tenders for Abakaliki–Mbok and Ikom–Mfum Road Construction projects

December 15th, 2020
The Federal Ministry of Works & Housing of Nigeria, through the African Development Bank, has advertised an invitation to tender for road construction projects under the Bamenda–Enugu Transport Facilitation Program.

Tenders are invited for the following road segments:

  • Lot  1:  Asphaltic  Concrete  Overlay  of  Abakaliki–Mbok (Ogoja  Junction) Road – 86km; and
  • Lot 2: Ikom –Mfum Road – 23km.

According to the Tender Notice posted on the African Development Bank website, the scope of work includes:

  1. Milling and patching of areas with cracks or potholes;
  2. Reconstruction of failed sections using 40mm asphaltic concrete wearing course;
  3. 50mm  asphalt  binder  course;
  4. 150mm  crushed  stone  base;
  5. 250mm  cement-stabilized laterite subbase layer;
  6. Subgrade or selected fill;
  7. Application of a 40mm asphalt overlay;
  8. Application  of  texture  correction  slurry  on  existing  surface  dressed  shoulders followed by an 18/12mm double seal surface dressing;
  9. Structural Works;
  10. Drainage

Closing date for the submission of tenders is 18 January 2021. The tender documents can be accessed and downloaded here.