Mozambique invites bids for sanitation project

August 8th, 2023

Mozambique’s Administration of Water and Sanitation Infrastructures is seeking bids for the Maputo sewerage network improvements and upgrade project.

Contractors are invited to submit sealed bids for the following projects:
a) Left Bank:
This segment entails the construction of a 6.56km condominial sewer system in a pilot area including wastewater gravity sewer leading to the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), 400 house connections, and 278 inspection boxes. The WWTP comprises key features such as faecal sludge acceptance station, inlet chambers, anaerobic reactor, sludge drying beds, administrative and maintenance buildings.

b) Right Bank:
This segment entails the rehabilitation of 2.22km of sewer network and expansion of 14.14km sewer system in a priority area including construction of 272 manholes, the construction of 2,628 house connections and the improvement of 118 others and construction of one pumping station. The work also covers the construction of 1.98km of condominial sewer system in a pilot area, with 200 house connections and 400 inspection boxes, wastewater collection pipes and connection to pumping stations; and the construction of 1.8km of force main and gravity sewer main to the WWTP site, the WWTP and storm drainage works.

Interested bidders can access further information and the bidding document in English during office hours between 07h30 and 15h30 using the address below. 

Bids must be submitted in person by 20 September 2023, at 14h30. Electronic bidding is not permitted.

Administration of Water and Sanitation Infrastructures, Public Institute 
Rute Nhamucho, Director General
Eduardo Mondlane Avenue, 1352, 4th floor
Maputo, Mozambique

The invitation to bid can be viewed here.

Photo: Dreamstime