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CA Project Pipeline

Identify construction & infrastructure project opportunities in Africa

Track projects, contact key participants, monitor competitors, and win new contracts.

Our Team

Dr. Segun Faniran

Founder and Publisher of ConstructAfrica

 Segun is a Civil Engineer with several years experience providing construction project services internationally. His experience includes roles in academia, government, contractors and consultants, and geographical locations in Nigeria, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

As a result of Segun's unique combination of technical, commercial, management, academic and geographical experience, he has a particular interest in promoting awareness of key factors associated with successful delivery of major projects in emerging market economies. He is widely recognised as a thought leader on the African construction industry.

Management Team

Liz Bains

Liz Bains

Chief Content Officer

Liz leads the editorial and content development operations of ConstructAfrica. She has several years experience as a professional journalist and writer of business news and data-led analysis, covering projects markets. She is the former managing editor of MEED, the Middle East Economic Digest.

Chinedu Hector Chikezie

Chinedu Hector Chikezie

Chief Growth Officer

Chinedu leads ConstructAfrica's marketing, sales and customer success teams. He is also responsible for implementing strategic partnerships with key clients and organizations. He has extensive experience in International Trade and Business Development, and previously oversaw growth in global sales and market reach of companies based in China. 

Mudasir Afzal

Chief Technology Officer

Mudasir leads the engineering and maintenance efforts for ConstructAfrica's digital platforms and proprietary IT infrastructure, with a focus on server configurations, DevOps practices, and programming. He brings a wealth of experience in developing web and digital applications for a diverse range of enterprise and business environments.

Editorial & Production

Diana Muringo

Social Media Producer

Diana manages the production of ConstructAfrica's flagship webinars, and is also responsible for maintaining ConstructAfrica’s social media presence. Diana's Quantity Surveying degree and digital marketing expertise enable her to apply a multidisciplinary approach in infusing creativity and purpose into ConstructAfrica’s platforms.

Mitchell Tikiwa

Journalist - News Writer

Mitchell Tikiwa joined ConstructAfrica in August 2023 as a tender writer. Mitchell has a background in International Business and Communications and copywriting, and has created content for various companies around the world. She is based in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Sneha Abraham

Journalist - News Writer

Sneha Abraham is a news reporter for ConstructAfrica, having joined the company in August 2023. Sneha specializes in crafting stories that engage readers, and has been writing and editing business news stories since 2011, including eight years working for the Middle East Economic Digest (MEED) based in Dubai.

Advisory Board

Lucio Mesquita


Lucio Mesquita has over 30 years of media and journalism experience, ranging from reporting and production to senior executive roles at the BBC and other media organisations. As senior consultant at Innovation Media, he has delivered editorial and commercial transformation projects to media organisations throughout the world.

Akin Solanke

Akinola Solanke


Akinola is an event management business strategist, producer and conference director with several years experience in all aspects of event production from planning, research, content writing and development to execution. As a digital and in-person event expert, trainer and advisor, he has delivered very high-profile events across the Middle East and Africa region.