Liberia invites interest for rural electrification impact study

July 3rd, 2023

Liberia Electricity Corporation is seeking to engage the services of a certified consultant to carry out an environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) of potential issues arising from the Cote D’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone & Guinea Rural Electrification Project (CLSG-RE). 

The scope of work will include:
•    Providing a synthetic description of the project relevant components and presenting plans, maps, figures and tables;
•    Identify the policy, legal and administrative framework relevant to the project;
•    Define and justify the project study area for the assessment of environmental and social impacts; 
•    Describe and analyse the physical, biological and human environment conditions in the study area before project implementation. 
•    Present and analyse alternatives to the proposed project, including the “without project” option, by identifying and comparing the alternatives on the basis of technical, economic, environmental and social criteria;
•    For the selected alternative, identify and assess potential importance of beneficial and adverse environmental and social, direct and indirect, short and long-term, temporary and permanent impacts, on the basis of a rigorous method; 
•    Define appropriate mitigation/enhancement measures to prevent, minimise, mitigate, or compensate for  adverse impacts or to enhance the project environmental and social benefits, including responsibilities and associated costs;
•    Address potential cumulative effects taking into account other initiatives planned in the study area;
•    Develop an environmental and social management and monitoring plan, including indicators, institutional responsibilities, and associated costs;
•    As appropriate, prepare an environmental hazard plan including an analysis of the risk of accident, the identification of appropriate security measures, and the development of a preliminary contingency plan;
•    Identify institutional responsibilities and needs for capacity building, if necessary, to implement the recommendations of the environmental and social assessment;
•    Carry out consultations with relevant stakeholders and the public in order to obtain their views about the proposed project. These consultations shall occur during the preparation of the ESIA report to identify key environmental and social issues and impacts, and after completion of the draft ESIA report to obtain comments from stakeholders on the proposed mitigation/enhancement measures.

The consultant shall propose mitigation measures, including need for compensation for the potential environmental and social impacts that may arise from pre-construction, construction, operational and maintenance activities. 

The execution period for the ESIA will not exceed eight weeks.

The consultant must have significantly demonstrated experience in ESIA preparation for power delivery facilities, particularly in Africa and preferably in Liberia. The consultant should have at least seven years of experience in conducting and preparing ESIA for power facilities.

Expressions of interest must be delivered to the email address below by 18 July 2023 at 16h00 local time.

Consultancy Services (ESIA)for CLSG-RE Project at the Liberia Electricity Corporation
Executive Director for Donor Projects-Counterpart 
Liberia Electricity Corporation
P.O. Box 10-165 Waterside 
Water Street, 1000 Monrovia, Liberia
Email: and copied to

The call for expressions of interest can be viewed here.

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