Eritrea invites EOI for Supervision and Management of Dekemhare 30MW Solar PV Project

January 25th, 2023
Eritrea's Ministry of Energy and Mines, through the African Development Bank, has advertised an invitation for interested consultants to submit expressions of interest for Supervision and Management of Dekemhare 30MW Solar PV project. .


The project will include but not be limited to procurement and construction of the 30MW Solar PV plant with associated 66kV substation, BESS plant, other materials/equipment necessary for a fully functional and state-of-the-art modern industrial solar PV plant and local installation services. This component will mainly be implemented on an EPC contract basis.

The project site is located just outside of Dekemhare town located 40 km to the South-East of Eritrea’s capital city Asmara. Physical presence of the consultant at site is required during the entire construction period

According to the Notice posted on the African Development Bank website, the scope of the consultancy services involves:

  1. Assisting the project Executing Agency in the bidding process including the contract negotiations.
  2. Review and approval of detailed designs, EPC contractor construction procedures and technical reports, supervision of constructions works, ensuring the Executing Agency obtains economic solutions of high technical standards and that the overall project is implemented in an efficient manner, with the agreed contract amount and completed within the expected timeframes of the project.
  3. Participate in the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for important equipment.
  4. Supervision of the implementation of Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP).
  5. Provide advisory services to the Project Executing Agency and capacity building and skills transfer for a selected number of client’s staff focusing but not limited to Solar PV and Battery Storage Systems operations and maintenance, monitoring and control, solar energy forecasting and incorporation into daily dispatch program.
  6. Provide full support to the Executing Agency during the commissioning and grid connection of the completed facility, and during the defect liability period.

The Project Supervision and Management consultancy is expected to be carried out within a 38-month period from commencement.

Procurement (eligibility criteria, establishment of the short-list and the selection procedure) will be conducted in line with the African Development Bank’s Procurement Policy for Bank Group-Funded Operations dated October 2015. 

Interested consultants should submit their expressions of interest to:

Tefferi Abraha
Director, Energy Resources Development
Project Manager
Department of Energy, Ministry of Energy and Mines (MoEM)
Denden Street, No. 176
Postal Address 5285
Postal Code 174

Telephone: +291 112 5972
Mobile: +291 717 5327

Closing date for the submission of expressions of interest is 20 February 2023 (10.00 hrs local time). 

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