Chinese firm wins US$9 million road contract in Angola

August 25th, 2023

China's Shandong Luqiao Group has been awarded a US$8.99 million contract for the construction of four roads in Cacongo Municipality in Angola.

The contract comprises Lot 3 of the Cabinda Province Agriculture Value Chains Development Project and covers the following road works:

  • Chicamba-Tchuquissi (6.9km)
  • Massabi-Tchicaca (2km)
  • Massabi–Manenga (4.6km)
  • Socoto-Chapa (15.5km)

The contract period is 22 months with a start date of 17 July. The client is the Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry.

Photo: Angola map (© Woravit Vijitpanya | Dreamstime)