Rwanda advertises Consultancy Tender for Geotechnical Expert

November 9th, 2020
Rwanda has advertised an invitation for Consultants to tender for Geologist / Geotechnical Expert Advisory services on the Muvumba Multipurpose Water Resources Development Program.

According to the Tender Notice posted on the African Development Bank website, the Muvumba Multipurpose Water Resources Development Program (Phase 1) intends to construct a dam of 30.5m high and it will impound 35 million cubic meter of water in Karama, Gatunda and Rukomo sectors and will supply water for domestic use to Karangazi, Rwimiyaga and Nyagatare sectors. The dam will impound water to be used for domestic water supply, water for irrigation of 7,380 ha (net command area) and water for 16 reservoirs for livestock watering and production of annual energy of 5719 Mwh with installed capacity of 740 KW (370x2). It will also contribute to the flood control.

The Geologist / Geotechnical Expert will be a member of the Independent Dam Pane of Experts (IDPE) advising the Rwanda Water Resources Board (RWB) on matters related to dam safety and other critical aspects of the dam, its appurtenant structures, the catchment area, the reservoir rim, project formulation, technical design, construction procedures, and associated works such as power facility, river diversion during construction.   

Closing date for the submission of tenders is 23 November 2020. The tender documents can be accessed and downloaded here.