Hartland / Nael & Bin Harmal JV awarded road contract under AfDB funded project in Nigeria

October 11th, 2020
The African Development bank has awarded the contract for construction of 5km Bakeko-Lafiagi and 2km Agaie-Boroko Double coat surface dressed roads in Niger State, Nigeria, to the joint venture of Nigerian construction firm Hartland Nig Ltd and UAE construction firm Nael & Bin Harmal.


The value of the construction contract is NGN424,553,325.00 (approx. US$1.18million)with a start date of October 2020. The contract duration is 12 months.

The scope of the contract is to construct 5km Bakeko-Lafiagi and 2km Agaie-Boroko Double coat surface dressed roads in Niger State.

According to information posted on the African Development Bank website, a total of 18 bidders submitted tenders for the construction contract. The other 17 bidders were:

  1. Tundis Nigeria Limited [Nigerian]
  2. TEC Engineering Construction [Chinese]
  3. Apex Project Limited [Nigerian]
  4. CGC Nigeria Limited [Chinese]
  5. M-P Infrastructure & Beacon Creative Ideas (JVC) [Nigerian]
  6. Bonus Limited [Nigerian]
  7. Bozeal Limited [Nigerian]
  8. RAYCON & Co. Limited [Nigerian]
  9. Lee Fakino Nigeria Limited [Nigerian]
  10. INFIOUST International Limited [Nigerian]
  11. China Zhanghao Nigeria Limited [Chinese]
  12. RAZ Construction & Tech Limited [Nigerian]
  13. Urban Shelter Infrastructure Limited [Nigerian]
  14. Framtrac Nig Limited [Nigerian]
  15. Forest Engineering Limited [Nigerian]
  16. Abilele Project Nig. Ltd [Nigerian
  17. Wadata Group Limited [Nigerian]

The executing agency for the project is the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD), Nigeria.