Hartland / Nael & Bin Harmal JV awarded road contract under AfDB funded project in Nigeria

by Staff Writer
October 11th, 2020
The African Development bank has awarded the contract for construction of 5km Bakeko-Lafiagi and 2km Agaie-Boroko Double coat surface dressed roads in Niger State, Nigeria, to the joint venture of Nigerian construction firm Hartland Nig Ltd and UAE construction firm Nael & Bin Harmal.


The value of the construction contract is NGN424,553,325.00 (approx. US$1.18million)with a start date of October 2020. The contract duration is 12 months.

The scope of the contract is to construct 5km Bakeko-Lafiagi and 2km Agaie-Boroko Double coat surface dressed roads in Niger State.

According to information posted on the African Development Bank website, a total of 18 bidders submitted tenders for the construction contract. The other 17 bidders were:

  1. Tundis Nigeria Limited [Nigerian]
  2. TEC Engineering Construction [Chinese]
  3. Apex Project Limited [Nigerian]
  4. CGC Nigeria Limited [Chinese]
  5. M-P Infrastructure & Beacon Creative Ideas (JVC) [Nigerian]
  6. Bonus Limited [Nigerian]
  7. Bozeal Limited [Nigerian]
  8. RAYCON & Co. Limited [Nigerian]
  9. Lee Fakino Nigeria Limited [Nigerian]
  10. INFIOUST International Limited [Nigerian]
  11. China Zhanghao Nigeria Limited [Chinese]
  12. RAZ Construction & Tech Limited [Nigerian]
  13. Urban Shelter Infrastructure Limited [Nigerian]
  14. Framtrac Nig Limited [Nigerian]
  15. Forest Engineering Limited [Nigerian]
  16. Abilele Project Nig. Ltd [Nigerian
  17. Wadata Group Limited [Nigerian]

The executing agency for the project is the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD), Nigeria.