Chinese firm, TEC Engineering Construction, awarded bridge and road contract in Nigeria

October 4th, 2020
The African Development bank has awarded the contract for construction of a reinforced concrete bridge and gravel dressed road at Adani Irrigation Scheme, Enugu State in Nigeria, to Chinese construction firm - TEC Engineering Construction.

The value of the construction contract is NGN1,035,975,675.00 (approx. US$2.88 million), with a start date of October 2020. The contract duration is 12 months.

The scope of the contract is to construct  a 2-span reinforced concrete bridge and 63km gravel surface road with a spur of 6 km double coat surface dressed road.

According to information posted on the African Development bank website, a total of 14 bidders submitted tenders for the construction contract. The other 13 bidders were:

  1. Ric –Rock Construction Nigeria Limited [Nigerian]
  2. RAYCON & Co. Nigeria Ltd [Nigerian]
  3. ANBEEZ Services Ltd [Nigerian]
  4. FFEE Engineering Services Ltd [Nigerian]
  5. CGC Nigeria Ltd [Chinese]
  6. ZARCUS Nigeria Ltd [Nigerian]
  7. HARTLAND Nigeria Ltd [Nigerian]
  8. ELSON Construction Company Ltd [Nigerian]
  9. FEROTEX Construction Company Limited [Nigerian]
  10. SAGEZ Nigeria Limited [Nigerian]
  11. HALCON Engineering Associates Ltd [Nigerian]
  12. LUFEM Engineering Services Ltd [Nigerian]
  13. LEVANT Construction Limited [Nigerian]

The executing agency for the project is the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD), Nigeria.