SHER Ingénieurs awarded contract for solar hydro projects in Burundi

September 22nd, 2020
The African Development Bank has awarded a consultancy contract for feasibility studies and other technical advisory services for the Ruvyi102 and Mule037 solar-hydro projects and associated electrical distribution grids in Burundi. The consultancy contract was awarded to Belgium based consulting firm SHER Ingénieurs-Conseils in partnership with ARTELIA Eau & Environment.

The value of the consultancy contract is US$990,000, with a start date of 1 September 2020. The contract duration is 12 months.

The scope of the contract includes:

  • preparation of detailed feasibility studies, including solar hybridization assessments and grid interconnection studies;

  • local distribution grid assessments;

  • environmental and social impact assessments; and

  • financial advisory and other technical services, for two solar-hydro projects and associated electrical distribution grids.

According to information posted on the African Development Bank website, a total of six bidders submitted proposals for the supervision contract. The other five bidders were:

  1. AECOM Limited in JV with Atacama Consulting [United Kingdom]
  2. ENCO Engineering Consultants in JV with CIRPS and Camp Consult [Italy]
  3. Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG [Canada]
  4. Hatch Ltd. in JV with BRL Ingénierie [India]
  5. SL Ingénierie in JV with Idesun, CAPSIM, and Orèade-Breche) [France]

The executing agency for the project is Songa Energy Burundi