US$288 million AfDB Loan Earmarked For Road Projects In Uganda

The funds are being used to reconstruct 29 roads in the capital Kampala.

By Chriselle Moraes on
17th January 2023

The African Development Bank approved the US$288 million loan in 2021 for reconstructing 29 roads in the Ugandan capital Kampala. The loan was subsequently approved by the Ugandan parliament to facilitate reconstruction of 29 roads and other road infrastructure.

Responding to a request from lawmakers in the Parliament to explain the allocation and disbursement of the funds, Dorothy Kisaka, executive director of KCCA stated that “The period, 2021 to 2022, has been utilised for the protracted and competitive procurement processes. This involved international bidding, bid submission, evaluation committees, best-evaluated bidder notice, contracts committee approval, and finally, legal approval from the Solicitor General. KCCA got clearance for the project from the Attorney General’s chambers in July 2022.”

Speaking further, Dorothy Kisaka said “KCCA [Kampala Capital City Authority] will construct 69.70 kilometres of roads, equivalent to 83.7 kilometres single carriageways since some of the road sections will be dual carriageways complete with associated drainage works. It also includes improvement to 22 traffic junctions, 123 non-motorised transport facilities such as Luwum Street, commercial vehicles parking places, and bus depots. Thirty public toilets, six markets on project roads for women vendors, installation of 1,600 energy efficient street lights and landscaping with tree planting are also part of the project”. 

Ms Kisaka added that US$246.90 million was allocated to construction projects and associated civil works in the city. US$14.95 million would go towards project management, such as paying consultants, conducting technical project audits, monitoring and evaluation, and public transport technical assistance. She also stated that US$3.6 million will be allocated to institutional capacity building, and US$250,000 allocated to women and youth skills empowerment. Another tranche of US$11 million will be allocated to project compensation and resettlement. 
AfDB approved the scope of the works, the design of the projects, and the selection of contractors. The loan considered the extent of roads to be covered and the city’s economic benefits. 
Top Photo: A road in Kampala city (Mutegekicliff | Dreamstime)

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