Niger State Awards US$41 Million Of Construction Deals

The contracts relate to a teaching hospital and the government headquarters project.

By Sneha A on
11th September 2023

Niger State Governor Mohammed Umaru Bago has signed construction contracts worth US$41 million for the conversion of the Shiroro Hotel into a teaching hospital and the resumption of the three-arms zone government headquarters project in Minna, the capital city of the Nigerian state.

The N18.9 billion (US$25.2 million) project to convert the Shiroro Hotel into the Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University Teaching Hospital is expected to take 12 months.

Work on the teaching hospital is divided into three lots. Lot 1 will be executed by the local Thinklab Development Company at a cost of N13 billion (US$17.3 million) and involves the expansion, refurbishment and upgrade of existing structures, as well as the construction of new buildings.

The local Fulus Group will execute Lot 2, which focuses on infrastructure and external works to enhance the functionality and connections of the hospital, at a total cost of N1.75 billion (US$2.3 million). 

Thinklab subsidiary, Thinklab Energy was awarded Lot 3, which involves the supply of essential equipment, installation and commissioning, at a cost of N3.87 billion (US$5.2 million). 

The N11.6 billion (US$15.5 million) three-arms zone project involves developing infrastructure, office complexes and housing for the state legislature, executive officers and the judiciary.

The work has been divided into six lots and awarded to five local contractors: Thames and Hudson (Lot 1) Fulus Group (Lots 2 and 6), Borodo Heritage (Lot 3), BS Multi Services (Lot 4) and Haitrix Innovatory Services (Lot 5).

At the signing ceremony on 5 September, Governor Bago said the project, which had been abandoned for almost a decade, would be completed in 18 months.

Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Renewal Hajiya Habiba Ahmed said the three-arms zone project requires 38 structures to be completed and 40 buildings to be erected.

Governor Bago revealed that the judiciary would be relocated to the three-arms zone and the old secretariat and judiciary complex would be converted into a school of midwifery and health technology. 

He added that 100,000 plots of land will be created between the town of Pago and the three-arms zone and will be sold for N1 million (US$1,332) each, with the proceeds to be used to finance other projects.

Photo: Contract signing (Source: Twitter/X @HonBago)

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