Mozambique: Agility Logistics Park Opens New Park in Maputo

The leading logistics and warehouse provider has opened its new 290,000m2 Agility park in Maputo, Mozambique.

By Diana Muringo on
29th May 2021

This new park adds to the growing network of international-standard warehouse parks the company has developed in Africa. The new warehouse park is strategically located on the new Maputo Ring Road in the Marracuene-Chiongo district. 

This strategic location provides easy access to the blooming Maputo Market and road connections to the major highways leading to other large markets in the north of Mozambique and South Africa. 

The 32,000m2 developed for the first phase of the Agility warehouse provides ready-built, secure, international-standard facilities that are readily available to lease by local companies and multinationals. 

Tenants can lease the warehouses for storage, packaging, processing, distribution, assembly, and light manufacturing. Agility warehouses meet international environmental standards. They also feature eco-friendly construction materials. 

The company used wind-driven roof fans, energy-efficient roofs, side-insulated panels, skylights for natural lighting, LED and energy-saving bulbs, and solar-powered streetlights. The warehouse site will also provide eco-friendly waste management services and carbon footprint reporting. It will also use recycled paper, metal, plastic, and carbon waste. 

This Agility Logistics Park in Maputo is part of the expanding network of quality warehouse parks that the company is funding and developing across key markets in Africa. This is to support the development of domestic and regional trade. Some other Agility Logistics Parks are located in Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana, and Nigeria.

The CEO of Agility Africa, Geoffrey White, said, “We believe that the provision of international-standard warehouses in Africa for storage, distribution and light manufacturing is one of the fundamental building blocks necessary for economic growth. The Agility Logistics Parks enable companies, whether multinationals or small and medium local enterprises, to access quality infrastructure easily, quickly and cost-effectively, enabling growth and prosperity.”

Photo: Agility Logistics Park, Maputo, Mozambique (

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