MoU Signed to Automate Egypt’s Petrochemical Complex

Automation technologies will enhance operational safety, security, and efficiency at the complex.


By Chriselle Moraes on
28th July 2022

The Anchor Benitoite Petrochemicals Complex is being developed by Anchorage Investments in Egypt’s Suez Canal Economic Zone. The state-of-the-art petrochemicals facility is expected to commence commercial operations in 2026 and is planned to have an annual petrochemical production capacity of 1.34 metric tonnes per annum (mtpa). The investment cost of the facility is estimated to be over US$2 billion.

Honeywell signed an agreement with  Anchorage Investments to install automation technologies at the petrochemicals complex.

The MoU between Honeywell and Anchorage Investments Ltd will help expedite the installation of Honeywell’s industrial autonomous technology at the state-of-the-art Anchor Benitoite Petrochemicals Complex. 

The petrochemicals facility will include several production units that will produce a range of derivatives and petrochemical products to help meet the growing regional and global demand for petrochemical products.

Within the MoU framework, a discussion will be held to appoint Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) as the Integrated Main Automation Contractor (IMAC) for the Complex. HPS could also supply Anchorage Investments with various cutting-edge technologies, which will be modified to help maintain operational safety, security, and efficiency at the complex.

With automation of the complex, there will be major benefits concerning savings in project capital and operating expenditure. It will also reduce risks during the construction and commissioning of the plant. 
George Bou Mitri, VP and General Manager, Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies, MENA (the Middle East and North Africa), said, “Honeywell is uniquely positioned to provide unmatched and seamless integration of ready-now automation technologies to improve the efficiency and performance of Egypt’s petrochemicals industry. 

“We’re looking forward to building on our valued partnership with Anchorage Investments to bring these benefits to their forthcoming petrochemical complex in Suez and continue our track record of supporting the digital advancement of critical sectors within Egypt’s economy.”

In 2021, Anchorage Investments contracted Honeywell UOP to provide its C3 Oleflex technology for the Anchor Benitoite Petrochemicals Complex to produce 750,000 metric tons per year of polymer-grade propylene. Under this agreement, Honeywell is also providing technology licensing and basic engineering design services in addition to equipment, catalysts, and adsorbents for the plant.

The C3 technology, which will convert propane to propylene through catalytic dehydrogenation, will also help lower the cash cost of production and improve the return on investment. Its relatively lower energy consumption, low emissions, and fully recyclable, platinum-alumina-based catalyst system will help in keeping the process environmentally friendly.

The independent reactor and regeneration design of the Oleflex technology will also help maximize operating flexibility and on-stream reliability.

Top Photo: Petrochemical Plant - Stock Image (Dirk Ercken | Dreamstime)

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