LHDA launches procurement of PMU for Lesotho Highlands Water Project

The Lesotho Highlands Development Authority (LHDA) has launched procurement activities for a Programme Management Unit (PMU) for management, oversight and reporting during implementation of Phase II of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP). 

By Staff Writer on
13th May 2022

LHDA has issued a media notification alert on the imminent procurement of the Programme Management Unit (PMU) for Phase II of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project.

The media alert for the impending procurement of the Programme Management Unit is likely to be of particular interest to international companies which may welcome advance notification of the procurement exercise.

Bidding documents are anticipated to be advertised shortly for the PMU services to commence in early 2023.

The Polihali Dam to be constructed in Lesotho under LHWP Phase II will increase the volume of water transferred to South Africa from the current supply rate of 780 million cubic metres per annum to approximately 1,270 million cubic metres per annum while simultaneously increasing the electricity generated at the ‘Muela hydropower plant – a significant step towards Lesotho’s energy independence.

The scope of Phase II is summarised in Annexures I and II of the Phase II Agreement between the governments of Lesotho and South Africa, and the engineering Main Works component comprises the Polihali Dam (166 metres concrete-faced rockfill dam), the Polihali Transfer Tunnel (38 kilometres) and the Oxbow Hydropower (80 megawatts).

Most of the Advance Infrastructure is nearing completion in time for the Main Works to commence. The environmental and social programmes are ongoing.

Given the evolution of the project from Advance Infrastructure to the upcoming Main Works construction and the expiration of the current PMU contract, it is necessary to procure a new PMU contract. By mutual agreement, the current PMU lead (CDM Smith) will not bid for this contract. However, there will be a period of transition to facilitate smooth handover from the old to the new PMU.

Information on all the requirements and conditions of this procurement will be made available on the LHDA website here.    

Top Photo: Katse Dam, Lesotho Highlands Water Project (Magdalena Rezkova | Dreamstime)


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By: ntseketsi lerotholi
environmental and safety
Sun, 04/30/2023 - 21:54

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