Italian Company Signs US$124m Contract for Road Construction in Cameroon

Italian Company, Seas, has signed a contract for construction of the 70km Olounou-Oveng road in Cameroon.

By Diana Muringo on
15th March 2021
This commercial contract will allow Seas to participate in phase I of the Olounou-Oveng-Gabon border road construction in Cameroon. In mid-February 2021, Minister of Public Works Nganou Djoumessi Emmanuel signed a commercial contract with the Italian company Seas in Yaoundé. Seas was represented by its General Manager Francesco Pauseli. This road project spans over 105 kilometers and is projected to cost XAF67 billion (US$124 million).  After signing the commercial contract, the next step will be the public contract’s signature by the State of Cameroon and Seas. The construction phase is estimated to last for 24 months, and the road is planned to be 3.5 meters, 1x2 lanes, with a reference speed of 60km/hr.  Other road features will include 59 cross drainage structures, 13 bridges of various lengths, crossroads, and horizontal and vertical traffic signals. The financing of this project, which is a significant point in the commercial contract, includes technical and geotechnical controls, a weighing station, the construction of an automatic toll station, and a counting station.  Italy expressed its interest to finance this project back four years ago during the business forum held on the sidelines of President Paul Biya’s state visit to Italy in March of 2017. A memorandum of understanding was then signed that specified that the Italian companies Seas, Italfer, and Leonardo Group will carry out the construction work.  Out of the three, only Seas will see the project to fruition. According to the Ministry of Public Works, this axis was chosen as part of the road component of the Triennial Emergency Plan for the Growth Acceleration (PLANUT). This was significant because of the desire to open up production basins by connecting each of the cities that are part of this project to the structuring network.  Photo: Road construction (Mihashenk | Dreamstime) Related News:  

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