Hitachi Energy Supplies Equipment For Namibia's Transmission Network

The high-voltage equipment will ensure more reliable power supply.

By Chriselle Moraes on
1st June 2023

Hitachi Energy has announced it is providing high-voltage power equipment for a project to strengthen transmission networks in northern Namibia. China's Sinohydro Corporation is executing the work.

The project forms part of Namibia’s electricity supplier, NamPower's transmission masterplan.

Key elements of the transmission masterplan include:

1. Kunene - Omatando development: A new substation south of the Ruacana power station at Kunene. A 400 kilovolt (kV) line to be built from Kunene to the existing Omatando substation to increase the power supply capacity to Oshakati, Ondangwa and surrounding areas. 
2. Rundu - Cuito development: An upgrade of the existing system from 66kV to 132kV to increase capacity in the Kavango region. 
3. Gerus - Otjikoto 400kV line: A new 400kV line to be part of the future 400kV backbone that will strengthen the areas supplied from the Otjikoto substation. 
4. West Coast: Strengthening of the West Coast network including doubling the existing 220kV ring from the Omburu substation to the one at Kuiseb. A new substation called Lithops will form part of the ring and be the integration point for the 132kV Husab mining development. The work also covers the supply increase to 80 megavolt amperes (MVA) to Walvis Bay.

Switzerland-headquartered, Hitachi Energy is supplying a range of high-voltage products, including circuit breakers, instrument transformers, surge arresters and disconnectors to NamPower for the Kunene and Omatando development.

“At NamPower, we strive to provide innovative electricity solutions in the South African Development Community (SADC) region. The Kunene and Omatando substation projects, which are in the implementation phase, form part of the NamPower Transmission Master Plan, that is critical for improving energy reliability in the country. We are pleased to collaborate with Hitachi Energy on these projects that will help us achieve our goal of a more resilient power network in Namibia,” said Kahenge Haulofu, managing director of NamPower.

Photo: Electricity transmission tower (© Pramote Polyamate | Dreamstime)

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