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Western Africa

Ghana’s affordable, ecofriendly ‘rammed earth’ homes

The demand for affordable housing in Ghana is at an estimated 1.7 million units and growing, and that’s a challenge shared across Africa.

Kwame Deheer and Joelle Eyeson, the co-founders of Hive Earth based in Accra, are up to that challenge with an eco-friendly building design that draws on centuries of history, while their business draws on Eyeson’s previous experience in property management in the UK.

February 16, 2021

By Sustainability Times
Deheer and Eyeson essentially build homes from mud, using a 21st-century technique that leverages the power of bioclimatic design. The Hive Earth team say they can deliver a modern, maintenance-free and well-appointed one-bedroom home – plumbing, wiring, fixtures and all – for as little as USD$5,000. The Hive Earth concept relies on “rammed

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