Dodoma readies for construction of city headquarters in Tanzania

City Council allocates US$3m to the project to modernize the capital

By Chriselle Moraes on
12th June 2022

The Dodoma City Council (DCC) has allocated US$3 million of its 2022/23 budget of US$43.4 billion to a new City Headquarters which will upgrade the capital. The funds will go to the implementation of other projects around the city.

During the presentation of the budget Joseph Mafuru, Dodoma City Director, said a better headquarters office in the investment area of the Njedengwa region will replace the current building that was built by Capital Development Authority (CDA) in 1973. 

Construction is projected to commence in July 2022 for what the CDA calls a modern and sustainable capital city. They also plan to implement the capital transfer decision from Dar-es-Salaam to Dodoma through proper planning of the national Capital City. The CDA aims to focus on management of the urban development process and provision of high-quality services on land delivery, infrastructure development and environmental management to its stakeholders.

Mafuru said other projects include developments that will help boost the health sector, education, agriculture, and livestock as well as enhance service delivery in remote regions. 

He said in 2021, US$6 million from the July to December budget was spent on strategic projects, land surveys, land compensation payments, and social initiatives. During this period, 8,247 title deeds were granted to various landowners.

The budget will also cover the purchase of three automobiles to aid in tax collection and land surveying equipment. Also included is the ‘Dodoma City Hotel’ project and US$1.04 billion in loans to 49 groups. 

The government also continued to support investment projects in the government city of Mtumba, which is almost 90% complete in Phase 1. The Council has completed land valuations in areas of Nala, Mtumba, Kikombo and Ihumwa and distributed US$1.32 billion to the people through local compensation funds. The city has also surveyed 10,339 plots in areas of Ngh'ongh'ona, Hombolo Bwawani, Zuzu, and Mpunguzi and has prepared 41 land use plans.

Photo: Artist impression of Dodoma City Complex (B Ben | Flickr)

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