Construction starts on 30-storey Praise Mall Towers in Meru, Kenya

Construction has commenced on the construction of a 30-storey structure in Meru, Kenya. On completion the building is expected to be the tallest building in the Mount Kenya region of the country.

By Staff Writer on
31st August 2020

Known as Praise Mall, the project is being developed by the Jesus House of Praise Church through Praise Mall Limited. The administrative filings for the development show that the towers will incorporate a church, workplaces, cafés, retail spaces, gathering offices, and serviced apartments. The project is estimated to cost between Ksh4.5 billion to Ksh6 billion (US$42 million to US$55 million).

Construction will be undertaken by Chinese contractor Jiangxi Jingtai Water Conservancy and Electric Power Construction Company Limited, and the project is expected to take three years. The scope of works includes the construction of three basement floors, and seven mezzanine floors after which the building will branch into a twin tower up to the 30th floor. The scope also includes construction of driveways, sidewalks and parking bays, installation of development utilities (water, drainage, electricity, health, and safety systems, IT systems and security) and site landscaping/beautification. The entire work is expected to take 3 years to complete.

The first seven floors will be occupied by supermarkets, four ballrooms, lobbies that can accommodate church weddings and other ceremonies, branded product shops, four food courts and two kitchenettes.

The sixth floor will be occupied by the church cathedral which will be a 12,000-seater air conditioned auditorium.

The twin tower from the eighth floor upwards will be occupied by a 188 bed capacity four star hotel with conference halls and apartments on 23 floors of each tower.

The new Praise Mall development will be located on 0.4 hectares of land along Meru-Embu-Nairobi highway, about 100 metres from the iconic Kathita River. The site of the development was formerly occupied by the Jesus House of Praise church which has now vacated the location to allow the contractor begin construction work. 

Bishop Kiogora Magambo, the founder of Jesus House of Praise Church, said “It is a signature building which will define Meru and the entire Mt Kenya region.” Bishop Magambo further said that .

Municipality MCA, Elias Murega, said "It is located right at the entrance of the town so it is a really welcome feature that will enhance the face of the town. It is a good thing for visitors to be welcomed into the capital of Meru by a tall, beautiful building."

Photo: Kenya marked with a flag on the map (Butenkow | Dreamstime)

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