Construction of Data Centre In Cape Verde To Be Completed By Year-End

The African Development Bank is supporting the technology park project. 

By Chriselle Moraes on
20th October 2022

The Cabo Verde Technology Park is a business park focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. 

The Technology Park project includes the construction of a data centre as well as business, incubation, certification, training centres, administrative buildings and civic auditoriums, with parks in Praia and Mindelo. On completion, the project will help spur the country’s efforts to become a regional ICT hub. 

Phase 1 of the construction of Cabo Verde Technology Park’s main buildings is currently 85% complete and scheduled for a 2022-end completion date.  

Layout of the Cabo Verde Technology Park ( 
Layout of the Cabo Verde Technology Park (

Cabo Verde currently functions as a tourism-based economy. This Technology Park forms part of the country’s efforts to invest in digital transformation and diversify its economy. The African Development Bank has helped play a key role in supporting this project. 

The Park is based in Praia, the capital of Cape Verde, near the existing NOSi data centre. It covers 8 hectares and is estimated to cost US$36.5 million. 

Key features of the Cabo Verde Technology Park data centre include:

  • Seven levels of Security; 
  • Flexible metal structures ensure stability in case of earthquakes; 
  • Eight layers of walls, ensuring electromagnetic shielding and projection against lightning, humidity, and intrusion; 
  • Up to 9 hours of protection against fire; anti-explosions; 
  • Redundant Systems; Located 71 meters above sea level; 
  • Building equipped with intelligent and automated systems to help manage the infrastructure, surveillance, lighting, and cooling equipment; 
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).  

According to a report by the African Development Bank, the project “will support innovation that would foster inclusive and green growth. The project will contribute significantly to other sectors of the country’s economy, such as education, healthcare, and other services. At its core, this project entails installing and managing cutting-edge computer storage and processing facilities and providing knowledge resources that will facilitate the development and transformation of government processes and private sector businesses.” 

Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, African Development Bank President, stated that the project would help younger people from West Africa and countries like Cape Verde.

Dr Adesina visited the NOSi data centre and met a student undergoing internship there with the intention of becoming a network security engineer. “It is great to be here to see this data centre. I am delighted that we are financing it and the adjoining Cabo Verde Technology Park. We live in a digital world, so the ability to collect, process, and store data and use data for informed decision-making is critical,” he said. 
Companies like Microsoft, Unitel, Huawei, and AfriLabs have already expressed interest in the upcoming technology park. 
Praia is the landing point for many subsea cables, including the Cabo Verde Telecom Domestic Submarine Cable and Senegal Horn of Africa Regional Express (SHARE) Cable. Others are West Africa Cable System (WACS); and the Portugal-to-Brazil EllaLink cable, launched last year. It, therefore, becomes a strategic location for ICT businesses and opportunities for the country. 

Top Photo: Architectural Rendering of the Cabo Verde Technology Park (

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