Construction Commences on US$42m Makupa Bridge in Mombasa, Kenya

Construction works for the new Makupa Bridge in Kenya's Mombasa County have begun.

By Diana Muringo on
25th May 2021

The contract for construction of the new bridge was awarded to China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) by Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) late last year. The value of the contract is reported to be Ksh4.5 billion (approx. US$42 million).

The new Makupa Bridge link will replace the old Makupa Causeway that was constructed around the year 1898. This old bridge serves the busy A109 Mombasa-Nairobi road route, and links Mombasa island to the mainland. 

Makupa Causeway, Mombasa Kenya [Roma Neus | Wikimedia Commons]
Existing Makupa Causeway (Roma Neus | Wikimedia Commons) - to be demolished on completion of the new Makupa Bridge

The scope of works for the new bridge includes the construction of parallel bridges that are 20 metres wide each. These bridges will feature four traffic lanes each, a rail link, and pedestrian facilities. This new bridge is 457 metres long and is expected to improve the city’s traffic flow once it’s complete. 

According to the resident engineer, Stephen Gichuru, the bridge will be built from reinforced concrete with foundation piles that will run up to 40 meters deep. Engineer Gichuru also stated that there would be a few disruptions as the authority figured out how to work around the flow of traffic in and out of the island. 

He said, “As we start the works, we will close the island-bound road for at least one year. We are going to close the lower inbound road to Mombasa. The disruption will start in about two to three weeks, throughout the entire construction period.” 

Nonetheless, he confirmed that there wouldn’t be disruptions to the livelihood of the residents or any demolitions other than moving the service lines. He added “When complete in April next year, the four-lane bridge would pave way for the demolition of Makupa causeway and restoration of the ecosystem in the area, including the free flow of water and marine life. This will see a continuous water flow, unlike currently, where it is stagnant on that section.” 

This new bridge will bring a much-needed boost to Kenya’s main port in terms of easier traffic flow and environmental benefits. The old Causeway bridge currently restricts the flow of water. Therefore, the construction of this new bridge will allow the water to flow more easily. 

Top Photo: Aerial view of Makupa Causeway, Mombassa County, Kenya (

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