ConstructAfrica publishes its Tanzania Construction Market Report 2023

ConstructAfrica announces the launch of its latest 2023 country report.

By Staff Writer on
24th August 2023

ConstructAfrica, a leading business intelligence provider focused on Sub-Saharan Africa, has published its latest premium intelligence report Tanzania Construction Market Report 2023.

Tanzanian has the third-largest economy in East Africa. It is seeing growth of more than 4% a year, with infrastructure investment a key part of the government’s development agenda. The construction sector contributes about 8% of GDP.

The country’s construction sector was estimated to be worth about US$9 billion in 2022. Activity is driven by public investment in roads, bridges, railways, airports, ports and power, water and sanitation projects as well as private residential and commercial real estate developments.

The 96-page Tanzania Construction Market Report 2023 is designed to help companies to understand and minimise risk and set a strategy for participating in the Tanzanian construction sector. The report identifies project opportunities and profiles key clients and contractors in the industry.

Public spending on projects is directed by Tanzania’s National Five-Year Development Plans. The flagship project under the current plan, covering the period 2021-26, is the 2,115MW Julius Nyerere hydro power plant. The US$2.9 billion megaproject is intended to help Tanzania achieve its goal of 100% electricity access by 2025.

Tackling the country’s housing deficit, estimated at 3 million units, is another key area of focus along with improving transportation. More than 1,400km of roads are currently under construction and several airports are being developed. Ports infrastructure is also being expanded.

In recent years, the government has been putting in place legislation and institutional support to enable public-private partnerships. The role of the private sector in project delivery in Tanzania is expected to grow as a result. The authorities are working to develop a healthy pipeline of projects to bring to the market.

The Tanzania Construction Market Report 2023 provides actionable insights to help companies succeed in Tanzania.

Readers of the report will:

  • Understand challenges and opportunities in the Tanzania construction market.
  • Identify key players in the Tanzania construction industry.
  • Understand public procurement and tendering processes.
  • Gain insight into key strategies driving infrastructure investment.
  • Get an understanding of costs for construction materials, equipment and labour.
  • Find out about upcoming and ongoing projects in Tanzania.

You can purchase the report or download sample pages of the Tanzania Construction Market Report 2023 here.

Photo: Selander Bridge, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (GS Engineering & Construction, Seoul, South Korea)

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