[Company Spotlight] COSTLAB, Rwanda

Operating throughout the East Africa region, COSTLAB is a leading expert in the construction industry when it comes to cost management.

By Diana Muringo on
22nd June 2021

In all projects, cost management sets the baseline for the project costs. This means that effective cost management ensures that the project will be completed according to schedule, all things considered. 

Having the project’s budget on track is one of the wins that most companies aim for. COSTLAB ensures that this is not just a wish, but a reality. 

Understanding that effective cost management plays a crucial role in the efficiency, profitability, and success of a business or project, the COSTLAB team ensures that every company achieves this. 

The company has done great work in simplifying cost management and making the services easily accessible. Positively impacting companies in Rwanda and across East Africa, the company offers crucial services that every company should have. 

A COSTLAB Project: Construction of a gas extraction and processing facility and a 25 MW gas power plant in Rwanda
Construction of a gas extraction and processing facility and a 25 MW gas power plant in Rwanda. On this project COSTLAB ensured workforce efficiency such that the project contractors delivered the project safely within the set budget. 

COSTLAB is passionate about providing cost solutions and has a cost management platform dedicated to individuals, investors, contractors, managers, businesses, and governments. With this readily available platform, the company ensures that all parties have timely access to the cost information and solutions they need. 

Some of the cost solutions provided by COSTLAB include:

  • Estimating costs and analyzing risk; 
  • Trending and controlling costs and assessing design
  • Documenting costs
  • Analyzing cost
  • Assessing design
  • Assessing risks
  • Trending costs
  • Advising clients
  • Managing cash flows
  • Preparing feasibility analyses
  • Assessing life-cycle cost

COSTLAB continues to work closely with investors, manufacturers, housing developers, and export sales companies looking to develop marketing activities for market penetration in East Africa. 

Companies that have worked with the company have seen their expenditures stay within their approved budget, no matter the nature of the project. This is a major reason why many companies across East Africa continue to work with COSTLAB to see their projects reach a fruitful completion without the burden of extra costs. 

Among the loyal clients is Mr. Fauth Magara, a Lead Projects Director and Managing Director of UKASCO Engineers and Builders in Rwanda, who has always employed the services of COSTLAB in all his projects and commissions and continues to do so. 

COSTLAB’s strategy remains to develop and administer tailored solutions that suit each project’s individual needs. 

Ddembe Ismail - Director of Business Development at COSTLAB
Ddembe Ismail - Director of Business Development at COSTLAB

Ddembe Ismail, the Director of Business Development at COSTLAB, confidently states, “Through our experience, we have learned that different projects have unique cost issues, and our main strategy is to develop and administrator tailored solutions which suit a specific commission. 

“From the conception of your project to the finish point, we keep your expenditures within the approved budget.”

For more information about COSTLAB’s services, and to contact them, visit their website at costlab.co.rw, or send an email to ddembeismail@gmail.com.

Top Photo: Building Construction Site (Curvabezier | Dreamstime)

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