[Company Spotlight] ConDigital, Ethiopia

Based in Ethiopia, ConDigital is a construction tech company that is helping Africa navigate its infrastructural growth. 

By Diana Muringo on
19th August 2021

The construction industry in the African continent is a major driver of economic and social change. It accounts for a significant proportion of the Gross Domestic and Gross National Product of many countries. 

The industry is a target destination for most large economies, and thousands of companies are leaving their footprints in the sands of Africa’s infrastructure. 

However, there are growing pains that come with this rapid growth. Most companies operating in the construction industry are still using outdated management styles that lead to unnecessary project delays and over-budget costs. 

ConDigital saw this problem and decided to change the way construction companies carry out their projects. The ConDigital team decided to bring in a solution to Africa’s construction industry players. 

The team created a cloud management platform that eases the workload for the project team and ensures a seamless flow of events. ConDigital provides the management of construction projects with communication and analytical tools to carry out their projects effectively. 

Abel Gebreananya (Co‐Founder & CEO), Amon Isayas (Co‐Founder & CTO), and Eyoel Afework (Head of Design) sat down and developed a cloud management platform for players in the construction industry to use in their projects. 

They digitised management processes and administrative workflows on construction projects, and created a digitally integrated environment. This environment spans from the project sites to the office in one smooth motion.

Construction is the foundation to African prosperity; It should be efficient providing infrastructure entities to the people on time and on budget.

The digitally integrated environment provides the construction project management with an easier communication channel and analytical tools to efficiently see the projects to completion.

Thanks to the ConDigital platform, Real Estate Developers, Engineers, and other construction companies can now seamlessly carry out their activities. 

The goal is to digitally integrate the planning, construction, operations, asset management, and decommissioning with analytical reports for performance assessment and adjustments.

ConDigital allows all the players in a construction project to breathe easier and focus on providing the best value. Some of the services that construction companies get to enjoy from ConDigital include:

●    Planning    
●    Progress Reports    
●    Sub-Contract Management    
●    Procurement and Inventory Management
●    Fixed Asset Management
●    Cloud File Library    
●    Finance    
●    HR & Payroll    
●    Communication Tools        

These services allow construction companies to lighten the load of management and focus on their construction project goals. 

For more information about ConDigital’s services, and to contact them, visit their website at https://condigitaleth.com or send an email to abel@condigitaleth.com.

Top Photo: Construction Project Manager reading clipboard on building site (Amazingmikael | Dreamstime)

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