ADHI constructing green-certified and affordable homes in Rwanda

Hundreds of units planned for Bwiza Riverside Estate in Kigali.

12th July 2022

The ADHI Corporate Group has an ongoing affordable housing project in Kigali, Rwanda. Hundreds of green-certified homes using a sustainable construction method are planned. 

The project’s patented system of light steel frames for faster and lower-cost construction addresses climate change concerns while providing homes that suit Africa. 

ADHI plans to build thousands of affordable homes in Kigali over 10 years. There is a dire need for high-quality and low-cost houses for the large percentage of the Rwandan population with low income, but high construction costs, challenging natural terrain, and climate have posed problems in the past. 

ADHI’s patented construction method and innovative materials offers a viable alternative solution to the housing shortage problem in Rwanda. The company’s use of light steel frame and lightweight concrete instead of brick-and-mortar drastically reduces total costs and project duration. while producing durable climate-resistant houses. ADHI can also build homes on a sloped terrain in an environmentally friendly manner using geosynthetic retaining walls.

In November 2020, the Government of Rwanda signed an agreement with ADHI Rwanda Ltd after evaluating the project proposal. Phase 1 of the five-phase Bwiza Riverside community project is under construction. ADHI Rwanda Ltd would build a total of 2,400 units in Karama for all the phases. 

An ADHI construction site in Bwiza in Kigali, Rwanda
An ADHI construction site at Bwiza in Kigali, Rwanda

ADHI has established a training academy to teach sustainable light steel frame construction methods.

Photo description: ADHI Corporate's affordable and green-certified homes at Bwiza Riverside Development. (Source: Rwanda Development Board)


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By: Abdulaziz Osman
I am really interested for this project and thinking if it can be possible to do in Malawi
Fri, 01/13/2023 - 18:04

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