3D Printed Houses Come to Kenya, paves way for budget housing options

A total of 52 affordable printed houses to be built in Kilifi by 14Trees in collaboration with COBOD International.

By Chriselle Moraes on
23rd December 2021
Kenya’s Housing Demand

Kenya faces a huge annual housing demand which is currently not met. That has resulted in a deficit of at least 2 million housing units. The government has tried to eliminate this problem by launching the Ngara Nairobi Project, Pangani Nairobi, Buxton Estate Mombasa and Nakuru Project. But this is not nearly enough to close the housing demand gap in Kenya.

A novel low-cost concept has emerged in the form of 3D printed houses. That is poised to add a bit of momentum to solving the housing crisis. It helps contribute to Kenya’s Affordable Housing Programme and Green Heart of Kenya Development, part of the President’s Big 4 Plan launched in 2017.

This Programme was estimated to add 500,000 housing units. An estimated Ksh13.9 billion (approx. US$120 million) is the estimated budget for the 2021-22 affordable housing program.

3D Printed Houses

The printing of the first 3D house in Nairobi sets the stage for expanding on this concept. 3D printed homes offer the added benefit of being cost-effective, with speedy construction timelines and reduced wastage. The Mvule Gardens Project, which begins in early 2022, will add at least 52 affordable houses in Kilifi, a coastal Kenyan town.

14Trees, a joint venture between Holcim and CDC Group, is at the helm in pioneering this new technology in Africa. There has been great success in introducing this new concept to stakeholders and decision-makers. Mass Design Group provides the design for this housing concept. 

IFC-EDGE Advanced Green Certified

This groundbreaking project has succeeded in finding solutions to reduce the usage of water and raw materials and keep energy utilization to a minimum. The EDGE awarded by the IFC is an indicator of the high level of technical brilliance brought out in this project. Its international appeal makes it a truly commendable feat.

Photo: First 3D Printed House in Nairobi (CDC Group on Twitter)

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