Consultants sought for Djibouti-Ethiopia corridor project

September 20th, 2023

TradeMark Africa is inviting requests for proposals from consulting firms to develop a more inclusive, sustainable, and competitive trade and transport corridor between Djibouti and Ethiopia.

Parties will be engaged on a one-year contract basis.

USAID is supporting the project.

Further information can be obtained from the Head of Procurement via the email below.

The deadline for submissions is 9 October 2023, 12h00 local time. 

Faxed or physical copies will be rejected.

TradeMark Africa
Fidelity Insurance Centre,
P O Box 313 00606,
Nairobi, Kenya 

The request for proposals can be viewed here.

Photo: Kenya Map (© Woravit Vijitpanya | Dreamstime)