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05, December 2017

Africa's largest cement Company, Dangote Cement Plc opened its 1.5mtpa capacity cement plant in Mfila, Congo Brazzaville.  The new plant estimated at $300 million has potentials for about 1000 direct employment and thousands of several other indirect jobs


06, March 2017

Kigali Convention Centre opened in July 2016 to host the 27th African Union summit held between July 10th to 18th.  The structure was built at a cost of $300 million and comprises a five-star hotel with 292 rooms, a conference hall that can host 5,000 people, several meeting rooms, as well as an office park.

06, March 2017

From the $500 million Kigali Convention Centre in Kigali, Rwanda to the $200 million African Union Convention Centre in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and 8 more stunning examples from South Africa, Egypt, Libya, Ghana and Cote D'Ivoire ...

01, February 2017

As President of the United States, Donald Trump wants to build a wall along the country’s 1,989 mile southern border with Mexico. So is it actually possible to build a wall like that and what would it mean for the construction industry? 

02, January 2017

Experts Rate Nigeria's Construction Sector Low in 2016

03, December 2016

This time lapse animation video covers four months of uninterrupted construction of the Atterbury Waterfall City PwC Tower lift shaft.

29, November 2016

Constructing the ancient pyramids of Egypt

10, November 2016

Concrete.TV interviewed Dr Wolfram Schmidt of the Federal Institute for Materials, Research and Testing, Germany about the future of 3D material and the fact that it is still considered a niche market. 

05, November 2016

Construction work on the eagerly-anticipated Gahanga Olympic Stadium in Rwanda will begin later this year (2016), the Rwandan Housing Authority (RHA) has announced.

05, November 2016

BRIDGE ENGINEERING.  In the summer of 2016 the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) attempted to break a Guinness World Record using LEGO bricks. In this video, ICE member and civil engineer Claire Gott takes us behind the scenes of the bridge build and follows the engineering story behind the world record break. 

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