16 July 2018, LAST UPDATED 3:48 pm

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About Us

About ConstructAfrica

ConstructAfrica addresses the current critical and inherent need for high level usable ‘Construction Intelligence’, addressing the growing number of construction projects across Sub-Saharan Africa.  Our business model is based on the constructafrica.com web portal where visitors will find an ‘Africa Construction’ ecosystem providing news, analysis, project databases, country data, career development opportunities and other relevant business information pertaining to African Construction Markets, and focusing on Sub-Saharan Africa.

Mission Statement: 

“ConstructAfrica.com’s corporate mission is to be the leading resource globally for timely and independent construction news, construction industry data and construction project intelligence for sub-saharan Africa markets”

Business Philosophy: 

“Building a better Africa through excellence and integrity”

What We Offer

Currently the critical and timely flow of construction-focused-intelligence is available for other parts of the globe but not yet available in Sub-Saharan Africa.  What’s missing is critical, on-the-spot local information, to enable Global-International firms operating in the construction industry to make favorable decisions when considering investing money and resource in this high growth area.


ConstructAfrica will be providing:

  • News
  • Analysis
  • Project performance data
  • Sector research
  • Construction price indexes
  • Project leads

All of the above can be accessed by subscription to ConstructAfrica.com and used by construction related investors and businesses for strategic decision-making in African markets.


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